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We are currently closed for Renovations. Our anticipated Opening Date is MAY for the on-site Gift Shop.
The Gallery Exhibit Will Open in MID-JUNE.

Our ONLINE Gift Shop is Open! See you in the spring!

Gettysburg Museum Tours

Gettysburg Battle SceneThe American Civil War Wax Museum presents the entire story of the Civil War era and the Battle of Gettysburg with remarkable realism. Learn the causes, effects and significant personalities that shaped the Civil War and as a result, ultimately, American history.

Throughout five hallways of scenes, the American Civil War Wax Museum recreates history with life-sized dioramas of the Civil War. Visitors complete a self-guided museum tour that begins with the economical, social, and political causes of the war and ends with the untimely assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Following the self-guided tour, visitors enter into the internationally acclaimed, digitally enhanced Battleroom Auditorium.

Amidst the sounds of thunderous battle cries and bullets, visitors will witness a life-sized recreation of the Battle of Gettysburg. Discover how a small town in rural Pennsylvania became known for one of the bloodiest battles in American history. An animated Abraham Lincoln delivering the immortal Gettysburg Address follows the battle recreation.

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Closed for Renovations. Anticipated Opening Date MAY 2014 for the On-Site Gift Shop and MID-JUNE for the Gallery!

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